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 CANpitch Program DVD - $22.94


Softball Canada’s CANpitch Program DVD is a supplement to the recent launch of Softball Canada’s national pitching program, CANpitch, which has put into practice a standardized training program for pitchers, ideally aged 6-12 across Ontario. This program aims to teach fundamental pitching skills while reinforcing proper mechanics through the use of key drills and progressions and is open to all athletes wishing to learn or improve their pitching skills.

The DVD was created to correspond with Softball Canada’s certified CANpitch Master and Regional Pitching Instructors’ weekly lesson plans, ensuring that drills are introduced and performed correctly. The DVD outlines for coaches and parents the CANpitch Program philosophy, describing in detail the program’s important elements, such as the backward chaining method. The backward chaining method was chosen by a group of National Team Coaches, former pitchers, and other pitching experts for this program in order to reinforce the body mechanics and sensations at each phase of the pitching motion. By starting at the release and working backward, CANpitch participants will develop body awareness, understanding what their legs, hips, arms and wrists are doing at each phase in the delivery of a pitch instills a sense of body and control in young pitchers. 

Learn to Play CD-ROM - $17.25

A resource for coaches. This is a three (3) CD set containing one (1) CD for each level of the Learn to Play Program.

An interface that allows the coach to select from various tools to assist in understanding and running the Parmalat Learn To Play Program that includes: 18 Lesson Plans for each level of the program with warm-up activities, skill development activities and lead up games, etc.




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