Umpire Exam Package

The exam package includes: 

  1. The Exam Booklet (including the Level I, II and III Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch annual exam questions)
  2. Instructions on how to complete online exam. Level IV & V Umpires must write their exam online.
  3. A Softball Canada Rule Book (only in odd numbered years, except new umpires)
  4. Liability and Accident Insurance Information

It is your choice to write both or only one exam.


Once the exam is completed, your score and percentage will be presented on the screen.  Please refer to your umpire exam package 'Minimum Pass Mark' chart on page 10 and 15 to know if you passed.

Levels IV & V must write their exam online. There is no hard copy option available.


Contact the Softball Ontario office to receive the hard copy answer sheet. Once you have paid the $5.00 fee, Softball Ontario will mail it to you. Once you have completed the hard copy Softball Canada exam, return it to the Softball Ontario office for marking. Our usual processing time for exams is 3-5 business days; from the time we receive your exam. If you:

Pass - Softball Ontario will provide you with your results, your umpire card and reference/answer sheet

Fail - Softball Ontario will send another exam answer sheet and rule reference sheet to you so that you can rewrite the exam. 

You may write the exam a total of three (3) times.

Sometimes exams go missing in the mail. Therefore if you do not receive your exam results within three weeks of submitting your exam, please contact the Softball Ontario office and we will double check our records.

Please note your method of payment will affect the turn around time of your package.

Payment by Certified Cheque, Money Order, Visa, Master Card or Cash: Umpire Packages will be processed with 3 business days of receipt of correct fee and application. Insurance coverage commences immediately upon receipt of correct fee and application.

Payment by Regular (personal) Cheque: Umpire Packages will be processed 2 weeks from the receipt of the correct fee and application. Applicants have a two-week waiting period for Insurance Coverage, from the date we receive the correct fee and application.



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