Umpire Registration FAQ


1. When writing my exam online, can I stop and come back to it later?

Yes. You must write down the code provided at the beginning of your exam, in order to come back and complete your exam.  If you do not have this code, you will have to start over again.

2. I am a Level IV Umpire and I did not get an answer sheet in my exam package. How come?

Level IV and V Umpires must write their 2016 Softball Canada Umpire Exam online.  There is no hard copy available. You will write 50 questions from a bank of 100 questions, no exam will be the same.

3. My Umpires Association registers all of our umpires together.  Can we still do that?

Yes. You can submit your hard copies to the Softball Ontairo Office.  If more than seven (7) registrations are sent in and are to charged to one credit card/money order/cheque, only ONE $5.00 administration fee will apply, and the remaining registrations will be reduced by $5.00.

4. Why didn't I receive a rulebook with my umpire exam package?

Softball Canada decided to only publish a rulebook every two years. For all returning umpires, the rulebook that you received with your 2015 umpire package is valid for the 2016 season. All umpires will be receiving a new rulebook next year for the 2017-18 season.

5. How many attempts do I have to write my Softball Canada Exam online?

You have three (3) attempts to write and pass your exam online. 

6. Can I register online using my smart phone or tablet?

No.  It is recommended to use a desktop computer or a laptop as the mobile version of the Softball Canada website has not been formatted yet.

7. I am a brand new umpire that attended a Level 1 clinic and I received a coupon off of my registration.  Can I register online?

No.  You must register by hard copy and either mail/fax it into the Softball Ontario office with the original coupon attached.  The coupon takes into account the new $5.00 hardcopy fee.


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