Ontario Summer Games

Ontario Summer Games Selection Process for Fast Pitch

An umpire wishing to apply for one of two (2) Ontario Summer Games Provincial Championships must complete the application form in its entirety found in this information package. The complete application must be received by the Softball Ontario office personnel by June 15 of the year that the Ontario Summer Games is being held.

The two (2) Ontario Summer Games FP Championships have been grouped into two (2) pools:

  • Pool A - Bantam Girls (PWSA)
  • Pool B - Bantam Boys (ORSA)

The following minimum fast pitch pre-requisites apply for each of the two pools:

  • Pool A - Fully carded Level 2B or 2A at the time of the application 
  • Pool B - Fully carded Level 2B or 2A at the time of the application

Due to the large number of qualified umpires registered and carded through Softball Ontario, and with only two (2) Ontario Summer Games Fast Pitch Championships, it is unreasonable to expect successive appointments to the Ontario Summer Games in back to back years. You can expect at least a four to six year development period between Ontario Summer Games appointments.

The Softball Ontario office will send a confirmation for each application received by email if an email address is provided or by a letter if an email address has not been provided. The applications are then copied and passed onto the Fast Pitch Umpire Committee and the Zone Umpires-in-Chief for evaluation. After the ZUIC has ranked the people that applied from their zone, they then present each of their prospective applicants and explain why they believe their officials should be given an opportunity to attend the Ontario Summer Games. The Fast Pitch Umpire Committee will work in conjunction with the assigned Tournament Umpires-in-Chief for the selections for the each Championship. Softball Ontario will contact the appointed and alternate umpires to confirm their selection. Softball Ontario will also submit the list of appointed umpires to Ontario Summer Games Personnel. All umpires who apply for a Ontario Summer Games Championship will receive a personal response by mail regarding the status of their application.

If after following the above selection process the FP Umpire Committee is unable to fill all available Ontario Summer Games FP appointments, the FP Umpire Committee will seek recommendations from the FP ZUICs or utilize a successful on-field evaluation from an elite tournament to fill these positions.

The selection of umpires to Ontario Summer Games will be completed every two years (in the year of the Ontario Summer Games). The application process begins each April for the selection of umpires to the Ontario Games and concludes June 15.


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