Doug Cundall Umpire of the Year Award

Umpire of the Year is presented to the an Umpire who exemplifies the spirit of the professionalism and leadership within Softball. This award is presented annually to one (1) Slo-Pitch and one (1) Fast Pitch Umpire in recognition of team building efforts and on-going support to the Umpiring Community in the province.  

Past Winners of the Doug Cundall Umpire of the Year Award Include:

Slo-Pitch Year Fast Pitch Year
Larry Marchand 2016 Mike Morrissey 2016
Len Galbraith 2015 Trevor Topping 2015
Al McMullen 2014 Glen Whitwell 2014
Kim Mainstone, London 2013 Tim Whitelaw, Kitchener 2013
Dan McHarg, Oshawa 2012 John Snook, Norwich 2012
Stuart Bowden Jr, Ottawa 2011 George Lemaich, Stoney Creek 2011
Scott Williston, Chatham 2009    
Gerry Zvonkin, Thamesford 2008    
Ken McConnell, Chatham 2007    
Clarence Beneteau, Essex 2006    



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