Level 1 Certification 

Certification Level I Clinic - 7 hrs.

The Level I Clinic would be beneficial to all Umpires.

Knowing the proper Mechanics and Rules of the game prior to stepping on the field will make for a more respected official. The Level I Umpire Clinic would also be beneficial to coaches and players, giving them a better understanding of softball, while providing insight into the role officials play in the game.

Sessions are given as classroom instruction as well as drills and practical skill development sessions on diamond or in a gym.  Approximately 50% of the clinic will be activity based.

Topics covered at this clinic include: Rules and Definitions, Plate and Base Umpire Mechanics for Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch, One and Two umpire systems, the Role of the Umpire, Use of the Rulebook, Umpire Signals and more.  Clinic participants will receive a Softball Canada Level I Manual.

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