General Policies - Umpires Leaving The System

Level I-IV
If an umpire does not officiate or register as an umpire for a period of one year, they may returnto their previous level upon re-entering the system. This can only occur one time.

If an umpire does not officiate or register as an umpire for a period of two or more years they may return to one level below their current level. They must attend that certification clinic (one level below) to regain their previous level, and for Levels III and IV, must meet the evaluation requirements listed below.Level III and IV Evaluations:

Level III and IV umpires returning to the program must be evaluated at a Provincial/Territorial tournament or a Canadian Championship in order to complete the certification level. The evaluator must be a Level IV or V umpire.

Level V
A Level V Umpire can return to Level V status if only away one year, with approval from the National Director of Umpires. After one year the umpire may request Level Va status or will be declared Level IX and must be evaluated at a senior tournament (Canadian or Softball Canada recognized event) in order to be reinstated as an active Level V.

Exemption Umpires may request an exemption from the above process if attempting to return to their previous certification level after a 2 year absence from Canada, but were still active in softball in another country. Documentation verifying their umpiring activities during their absence must accompany the request. 


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