Umpire Clinics

Softball Ontario offers a variety of umpire clinics in order to serve the needs of all umpires, from rookies to the experienced. Attendance at a clinic will increase an umpire's knowledge of the game while preparing them to meet a variety of game situations. The key to becoming an excellent umpire is to never stop learning. Help your umpires be the best they can be, host a Softball Ontario Umpire Clinic this season!

Softball Ontario Umpire Clinics include: 
  • Softball Canada / Softball Ontario Umpire Clinics
    • Level I
    • Level II
    • Level III
    • Level IV
    • Level V (ISF Certification School)
  • Junior Development / Intermediate
  • Refresher Clinic
  • Blue Convention
Do We Have a Clinic That's Right for You?

Minor Softball Associations and leagues wanting to train umpires for their minor divisions and house league games should check out the benefits of the Junior Development Umpire Program. A Local Umpire or Softball Associations training umpires for more serious competition would find the Umpire Certification Clinics better suited to meet their needs. If you are a Local Umpire Association with more experienced umpires you may be interested in hosting a Refresher Clinic to update your umpires and prepare them for the upcoming season. 

Softball Canada/Softball Ontario Umpire Clinics

The Umpire Certification Program was instituted in 1988 by Softball Canada in order to establish standard techniques and guidelines for the training and development of officials across the country. Softball Canada levels (1 through 5) are based on a combination of the umpire clinics or certification levels and their on-field evaluation level. In order to increase their level an umpire must attend the Certification Clinics in order and then receive an on-field evaluation with a rating equal to that clinic level.

In addition to any other specific pre-requisites for Certification Clinics, the Instructor/Evaluators Clinics and Mechanics Schools, participants must:

a) Have their attendance approved by the Provincial UIC and Office of the Province of their residence

b) Be currently registered with the Provincial Association of the Province of their residence and be affiliated with Softball Canada

c) Pay Clinic fees and/or Manual costs

Attendance at an ISF Certification Clinic is subject to the conditions above, the specific prerequisites for ISF Clinics and the approval of Softball Canada’s National Director of Umpires.

Does Certification Clinic = Registered ??

No, attendance at a Certification Clinic does not mean an umpire is registered or carded with Softball Ontario. They have no accident and liability insurance. For more information on the Umpire Registration and Carding please contact Softball Ontario.


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