Baseball Umpires Entering Softball Program

A Level 2 through 4 baseball umpire may apply (to the P/T Association) for a softball certification equivalency for one level below their current baseball certification level, providing they meet the criteria listed below.

A Level 5 baseball umpire may apply for a Level III softball equivalency, providing they meeting the criteria specified for a Level III equivalency.


  • Must provide proof of baseball certification status for the current year.
  • Must write the National Softball Exam and achieve the minimum passing grade specified in the Maintenance Criteria for that certification level.
  • Evaluation: For a Level II softball equivalency, the umpire must receive one successful local, regional or provincial/territorial Level II evaluation. For a Level III softball equivalency, the umpire must be evaluated at a Provincial/Territorial tournament by a Level IV or V umpire. 



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