Jim Bradford Memorial Award

Send your 2018 Fast Pitch and Slo-Pitch Jim Bradford nomination letter to kcormier at kcormier@softballontario.ca. Your nomination letter must include the following about your nominee:

  • His/her administration/leadership/communication
  • His/her umpire abilities/skills
  • His/her involvement in the Softball Ontario Umpire Program
  • His/her umpire experience

Jim Bradford was a long serving member of the Softball Ontario Umpire Program as both a clinic presenter and umpire evaluator.  He was truly an “educator” in every sense of the word.  Jim has left a positive, lasting impression on virtually every umpire in this Province.  With a great sense of humour and dedication to helping umpires improve their abilities both on and off the field his contribution to the game is recognized by the award that shares his name.

The recipient will be a long serving member involved at different levels of the program, helping umpires both on and off the diamond, and someone who you feel should be recognized for their contribution.

The recipient of the Jim Bradford Memorial Award receives a keepsake plaque and his/her name is placed on perpetual plaque that resides at the Softball Ontario office.

Past Winners of the Jim Bradford Memorial Award Include:

Fast Pitch Year Slo-Pitch Year
Sal Garra 2017 Doug Cundall 2017
Darryl Way 2016 Ben Clements 2016
Dick Coleman 2015 Sandy Forand 2015
Doug Webster 2014 Glen Anthony 2014
Brian Sharples 2013 Gerry Zvonkin 2013
Peter Kluszczynski 2012 Len Gorgei 2012
Mitch Zuk 2011 Steve Doyle 2011
Dave Mills 2010 Jeff Luscombe 2010
George Findley 2009 Mark Reaume 2009
Noreen Atkinson 2008 Jack Van Bynen 2008
Bruce Bierman 2007 Dick Coleman 2007
Don Bracey 2006 Don Balkwill 2006
Don Kennedy 2005 Dave Drake 2005
Lindsay Barfoot 2004 John Ariss 2004
Doug Cundall 2003 Rob Phillips 2003


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