(Intended for Children ages 4 to 10 years)

Are you looking for a fun and different way to teach FUNdamental Movement Skills like throwing, catching, hitting, and running, while encouraging Physical Activity and Physical Fitness? Softball Ontario has a great program for you to try!

What is included in a Try Softball Kit?

A TRY SOFTBALL Kit consists of everything you will need to introduce participants to the game of softball. Each Kit contains the following:

  • BlastBall Game
    • Batting T
    • BlastBalls
    • BlastBase (that HONKS!)
    • BlastBat
    • Ruler
    • Cone
  • A BlastBall Manual
  • A Learn to Play Manual - Yours to KEEP!
  • FREE Gifts for all Participants!
  • Activity Books for ALL Participants!

To address any concerns, all of the equipment is manufactured using child-safe materials; the bat and ball are made of a soft foam material, removing safety concerns that are created by aluminium bats and hard balls. There are no equipment requirements for the students, as baseball gloves are not required to participate in the game.

What is BlastBall and Learn to Play?

BlastBall and Learn to Play are great programs designed to introduce the sport of softball to children. The programs foster the development of all players, including players with high and low skill levels. Activities and lead-up games are patterned after informal playground games that promise FUN and LOTS OF ACTION. The fantastic manuals are resources FREE to keep as a “thank-you” for participating in our TRY Softball Program.

How Can a Local Softball Association Help?

Softball Ontario has received inquiries as to whether an individual from Softball Ontario is able to come to the school and help with the Active Softball Kit. Who better to do this then our Local Softball Association Volunteers who know the game best! Teachers who are interested can fill out an “X” in the box under "Number of Participants" and Softball Ontario will contact your Local Softball Association for a volunteer to come out and help! 

How Can YOU participate?

The Kits are available on a first-come - first-served basis; contact Softball Ontario as soon as possible to book your month. For further details on Softball Ontario’s TRY SOFTBALL program, please contact Kyle Cormier, Member Services Coordinator, at (416) 426-7150 or by email at kcormier@softballontario.ca.

Click Here for the Try Softball School Request Form

Click Here for the Try Softball Feedback Form



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