(Intended for Children ages 11 to 14 years)

Softball Ontario would like to let you know about a great opportunity for Elementary Schools to teach FUNdamental Movement Skills and Concepts to your students in grades 6, 7 and 8 through the sport of Softball! A great new way to keep your students ACTIVE and fulfil elements of the 2010 Health and Physical Education Curriculum; the Active Softball Program is available for schools to borrow for a period of one (1) month free-of-charge! An Active Softball Kit consists of everything you will need to introduce the game of softball. Each Kit contains the following:

  • A Giant Vinyl Game Board – perfect for indoor use!
  • A Set of Six (6) Playing Pieces and Matching Dice
  • A Set (48) of NEW Activity Cards
    • Follow the 2010 HPE Curriculum/Teacher Requirements!!!
  • Rules and Skills Guide
  • Skills Test Booklet
    • Perfect to "evaluate" participants' overall fitness and softball skills
  • Equipment:
    • 9 Softball Gloves, 8 Softballs, 4 Safety Bats, 2 Throw-Down Base Sets & 1 Batting T
  • Activity Books for ALL participants!
  • FREE gifts for ALL participants!


All equipment is manufactured using child-safe materials. Once you near the end of your loan period and your students have improved their softball skills, you even have enough equipment to have a full game of softball!

What is the Skills Test Booklet?

The Skills Test Challenge was introduced in 2011 and is used to help evaluate participants on their basic movement skills and concepts plus healthy living concepts. Each of the skills evaluated in the Skills Test Challenge fit within the new 2010 Health and Physical Education Curriculum!! 

There are twenty-two (22) skill tests included in this Manual, which will test both your students’ basic physical abilities and their softball specific skills. Softball Ontario asks that you test your participants on FIVE (5) Skills Tests and return those results back with the Kit at the end of your loaned period! The Softball Skills Test Challenge can be run at any point in your curriculum seeing as you will now have all the necessary equipment from the Active Softball Kit in your possession.


How Can a Local Softball Association Help?

Softball Ontario has received inquiries as to whether an individual from Softball Ontario is able to come to the school and help with the Active Softball Kit. Who better to do this then our Local Softball Association Volunteers who know the game best! Teachers who are interested can fill out an “X” in the box under "Number of Participants" and Softball Ontario will contact your Local Softball Association for a volunteer to come out and help!

How can YOU participate?

The Kits are available on a first-come – first served basis; contact Softball Ontario as soon as possible to book your month! For further details on Softball Ontario’s ACTIVE SOFTBALL Program, please contact Kyle Cormier, Member Services Coordinator, at (416) 426-7150 or by email at kcormier@softballontario.ca.

To request the use of the ACTIVE Softball Program, simply click the link below to access our "Active Softball School Request Form."

Click Here for the Active Softball Program Request Form 
Click Here for the Active Softball Program Feedback Form 
School Active Softball Order Form


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