Prevention of Abusive Situations


It is difficult to completely prevent ABUSE in a competitive sporting event in which a score determines the outcome. However, we can learn how to deal with it in order to reduce the severity and the number of incidents.

This starts when responsibility is shared and begins with everyone learning to respect each other as equal participants of the game. We do not have a game without each other.

We are confident that if experienced people stand up and start a “Respect the game Movement”, we can remove abuse from the game and increase participation in the game of Softball.


This is the key component of this program. The “Respect My Game Committee” was asked to put together a “train the trainer” package that we can use as a starting point in the Province of Ontario. This document should never be finished lest it stagnate and become shelved like many of its predecessors.

The resulting resource contains tools that have always been present; we have just brought them together into one package with some additional interpretation and points of emphasis.

This material will help us to be more consistent in the way we deal with all the different participants of the game


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