Softball Associations - WHY?

Become a Softball Association Fundamental Excellence (SAFE) Star Rated Softball Association demonstrates the commitment of your organization to support Softball Ontario’s goals by providing softball players with the opportunity to participate in sport activities that suit their abilities and aspirations.  The value of a SAFE Star Rating includes but is not limited to:

  • Access to Softball Ontario programs, services and expertise 
  • Opportunity to participate in the development and evaluation of Softball Ontario initatives 
  • The benefit of identifying one's organization as a Softball Ontario-recognized entity contributing to the greater good of softball in Ontario 
  • Promoting best practices that contribute to safe sport environments 
  • Opportunity to apply for a $250 SAFE Reward to use for volunteer development (JD Umipre Clinics, Learn to Coach Clinics, Scorekeeping Clinics, CSAP Workshops)

As a single, province-wide standard, SAFE Star Ratings give Softball Associations of all types structure and direction.  Softball Associations awarded a SAFE Star Rating will see many tangible benefits, including:

Increased Membership

Addressing issues like Coach and Umpire training, having clear and fair policies and procedures, and being open and accountable to your members give parents and players confidence when choosing a sports organization to join. 

Retaining Members

SAFE Star will stimulate real thought about how Softball Associations cater to their members.  It will promote a culture that boosts the morale of players and volunteers alike, as well as recognizing the contributions of volunteers to the success of the organization. 

Continuous Improvement

Achieving and maintaining (or improving) a SAFE Star Rating encourages a Softball Association to adopt better, more organized policies and procedures, thus helping them to run more efficiently and effectively.


Eight $250 SAFE Rewards available to help Softball Associations train and improve their volunteer capacity. 

Developing Coaches

The SAFE Star Program encourages Softball Associations to provide training opportunities for their Coaches. Parents and players can be confident that appropriately qualified coaches are used in Softball Associations with a SAFE STAR Rating.


Softball Associations are encouraged to provide all volunteers with training, as well as creating a culture where hard work and dedication is recognized.  Once an Association has established a volunteer-friendly environment, Associations will find that more people are willing to get involved, especially parents.

Links with Schools

Softball Ontario has several school-based programs that Softball Associations are encouraged to participate in through the SAFE Star Program.  Softball Associations benefit from being able to connect with their local schools and can experience an increase in player registration soon after working with the school.

Raised Profile

Obtaining a SAFE STAR Rating will raise a Softball Association’s profile both within Softball Ontario, and within their local community.  All SAFE Star Rated Softball Associations will be listed on the Softball Ontario, indicated with a star, to help them to publicize their accomplishments, and attract new members to their Association. 

Marketing and Communication

Softball Associations with a SAFE Star Rating are encouraged to take advantage of Softball Ontario’s many marketing and communications opportunities, and are able to promote themselves using the SAFE Star logo and their Star Rating.  The SAFE Star brand will be promoted and recognized across the province.


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