Why look for SAFE Star Rated Associations?

How do you know if the Softball Association that you or your child plans to sign up for is a quality organization? 

In the past, you likely would not have found out how well the organization is run until after you had already registered for your first season. Softball Ontario is pleased to have launched a new way for softball players and parents to immediately recognize a quality Softball Association: the Softball Association Fundamental Excellence (S.A.F.E.) Star Rating Program.

The SAFE STAR Rating Program requires participating Softball Associations to achieve minimum standards and encourages best practices in four categories – known as the Pillars of Excellence: 

  • Organizational Development 
  • Volunteer Development 
  • Long Term Player Development 
  • Softball Ontario Participation

Each SAFE STAR Rated Softball Association has met minimum standards in all four categories - meaning that simply earning a S.A.F.E. Star Rating of any level represents a quality organization.  As the Star Rating level increases from one (1) STAR to four (4) STARs, the Softball Association must meet increasingly difficult standards and best practices.


Click here to see if your Softball Association/League has a Star Rating!


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