Softball Ontario Female House League Select Provincial Championships – Rule Exceptions

All competition rules are established by Softball Canada. Please refer to below for exceptions.

Player Eligibility

  1. All verified player eligibility violations as defined in the following will result in the disqualification of the team from this year’s event and the disqualification of the home association from entering any teams in next year’s tournament.
  2. A registration form, payment, proof of insurance , waiver and registration sheets signed by all players, coaches, and parents/guardians of players who will be under 18 at the time of the tournament (maximum of 15 players).
  3. Players must not be carded with PWSA, OASA, or ORSA in the current year.
  4. Players must be registered with and played in their house league association, with the eception of Interlocking League Play (see below).
  5. Players may only play for one select team.
  6. U19 teams are allowed to include three U21 players who may not pitch.
  7. All players and coaches must sign in at least 30 minutes before their first game of the tournament. Any players or coaches arriving later must sign in before they play their first game. Players can be added at the tournament but their paperwork must be complete with parent signatures as required. Birth certificates must be available at sign in.

Interlocking League Player Eligibility

Due to the fact that some associations have only one team per division or interlock with neighbouring associations, the following rules will also apply:

  1. A Select team may be a lone registered House League team from one association provided they are the only team in the age group.
  2. A Select team can be made up of registered House League players from more than one association, if each association has only one team to draw its players from and these associations play each other in their House League program, with Softball Ontario's Approval.
  3. Neither association is already fielding a team within the same Select division
  4. If either Association has a Select Team at the lower division, these players are not allowed to be called up to play Select for the combined team. Call-ups for the combined Select team must come from the House League Division from either Association, with the exception of U10 Players.

Playing Rules

None of the Minor Softball Rules for U12 will be in effect. Therefore, in all age divisions, Softball Canada Fast Pitch playing rules will apply with the following exceptions:

3.0 Equipment

  1. No metal cleats are allowed.
  2. Approved protective cages on batting helmets are mandatory.
  3. In the U12 and U14 Divisions, batters and base-runners must have chin straps on the helmet, which shall be worn properly under the chin.

4.0 Coaches, Players and Substitutions

  1. Teams must have 9 players to start the game, but can continue with 8 if an injury occurs. However if a player ejection results in 8 remaining players then the game is forfeited.
  2. If a player arrives late, they may be added to the bottom of the line-up provided you have not gone through the complete batting order.
  3. Unlimited defensive substitutions are allowed.
  4. Replacement runner: the player designated to be the catcher in the next inning is the only player eligible to have a replacement runner.

5.0 The Game

  1. Home team will decided by coin toss with the winner having the choice of being the home or visiting team.
  2. Run Ahead Rule is 15 or more runs after 4 innings OR
  • For U12 division: 10 or more runs after 4.5 or 5 completed innings
  • For other divisions: 7 or more runs after 4.5 or 5 completed innings

       3. Playing Time: No new inning will start after 90 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first. The plate umpire will keep the official time and will call the official start time with the first pitch. This rule shall apply to all games including the Finals.

7.0 Batting

  1. All players will bat.
  2. Where an injured player is removed from play, her place in the line-up is bypassed. Where a player is ejected from the game for any other reason, her place in the line-up is considered an automatic out.
  3. A batter must declare before her at-bat that she will require a courtesy runner, and must reach first base before the runner comes in. The courtesy runner is the last person in the batting order who is not on base at the time of use.

8.0 Batter-runner and Runner

  1.  For U12 the dropped third strike rule in NOT in effect. The batter is out on a dropped third strike.

11.0 Protests

  1. No protests. All decisions rendered on the diamond are final.

12.0 Scoring

  1. If round robin games are played, the winning team is awarded 2 points and the losing team 0 points. Any game that ends in a tie will be declared a tie and each team will be awarded 1 point for that game.
  2. Ties after the round robin will be broken in the following manner.

a. Head to head competition.
b. Least defensive runs allowed.
c. Plus or minus to a maximum of 7 (10 for U12) runs per game. Full innings only will be used.
d. Flip of a coin – if two teams flip will determine

If three teams, flips will eliminate one team – then refer back to A)


To download a PDF version of these Rule Exceptions, please click here.


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