House League Development

What Do We Do?

The role of the House League Development Committee has evolved over the past few years to more than just increasing participation of grassroots softball programs. Targeting young children is the best way to ensure that interest in softball continues to be strong today and in the future. While that still remains a key element of this Committee, our role also includes the promotion of quality assurance for softball associations.

The responsibilities of this Committee include:

  • Promote the game of softball by focusing on increasing the number of young children participating in grassroots softball programs through elementary school programs such as Try Softball and Active Softball and the Learn to Play program. With the help of Softball Canada, the Learn to Play program was developed to further encourage youth participation. Learn to Play is a revolutionary way of introducing Softball to children. The program consists of activities that foster the involvement of ALL players, including players with high and low skill levels. Fun, excitement and lots of action are the foundation of the Learn to Play program.
  • Promote professional development, networking and learning opportunities for volunteers in association management and organization development through specialized training, workshops and symposiums
  • Promote best practices in association management and administration through a quality assurance program
  • Provide assistance to local softball associations with events by supplying event kits containing marketing and promotional material to help advance the development and popularity of softball in Ontario.
  • Promote local softball associations through the Softball Ontario and Softball Canada websites
  • Advocate on behalf of house leagues on issues affecting local softball associations at the provincial level
  • Run Female House League Select Championships in Ontario


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