Hosting a CSAP Workshop

Softball Associations across Ontario are eligible to host a CSAP Workshop!  Simply complete the CSAP Host Application Form and submit it to Softball Ontario in advance of your proposed Workshop dates.

Tips for planning a successful Workshop

Outline key dates
  • How much notice do you want to give participants?
  • What is the deadline for booking facilities?
  • Make sure to give enough time for Softball Ontario to book a Learning Facilitator
Select Workshop Dates & Times
  • Keep in mind the sport seasons. The longest is often hockey and by the time it finishes then the summer sports are already in play. Often the same people are involved in both summer and winter sports so assess what time and day would be best for them.
  • Try to find any date conflicts that would affect your registration. Check with municipal departments or convening organizations in your community to see if they maintain a joint calendar of events.
  • These workshops are designed to be held in an evening or a weekend and offered as one workshop or several on the same day. They might also be offered as a full day so that each person can attend two if desired, i.e. one in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  • Take into account travel times for your potential participants.
  • Decide if you will set and/or publicize alternate dates should weather conditions prove to make travel hazardous and lead to cancellation.
  • Communicate how you will notify participants of cancellations if necessary.
  • If you will offer several different workshops on different dates, prepare a calendar that includes all the training dates.
Locate a suitable facility
  • Look into church halls, service club halls, community halls, local hotels, municipal spaces, libraries and schools for availability and cost. The owner of the facility may accept a free registration for access to the facility. Find out who is responsible for set up and clean up.
Determine any fees and how participant expenses will be covered
  • The host organizations choose if they wish to charge a nominal fee to cover expenses or if they wish to cover expenses for participants. Decide on your policies, e.g. payment in advance, discounts for group registrations, refunds, payment for no-shows, travel reimbursement, etc.


CSAP Workshop Bid Form


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