Coaching Development

Softball Ontario has many resources and Workshops available to help you develop your coaching skills!  

Here are some of the available resources:

Coaching Workshops:

Softball Ontario offers three (3) non-NCCP Coaches Workshops to help develop various aspects of a Coach's skills:

Drills, Drills, Drills for Beginner Coaches - 4 hours 

Learning how to teach the skills of softball is one thing, but how do coaches get this information to the team they are coaching. The answer - drills. Every coach of every team uses drills. Give your coaches a head start in this important part of the game with a Drills, Drills, Drills for Beginning Coaches clinic. This clinic provides new (and more experienced) coaches, with helpful tips on running, creating and why to use drills. The clinic features participation by all attending.

Note: Softball Ontario recommends that participants at this clinic have a minimum of Learn to Coach.

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Hitting for Coaches - 4 hours

The best offence may be a good defence. But if your team can’t hit the ball, it doesn’t matter how good the defence is. Bring a Hitting for Coaches clinic to your group to ensure a summer full of hits. Starting at the feet and working up, each element of the stance, swing and follow through is covered. Also included in this clinic are segments on the mental aspect of hitting. The clinic features participation by all attending. 

Note: Softball Ontario recommends that participants at this clinic have a minimum of Level 1 Technical/Practical

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Rules for Coaches - 4 hours

Don’t you just cringe every time you hear a parent or coach argue that a call made by an umpire is absolutely wrong? It is even worse when you know that the umpire is right and the coach is from your association. Why not ensure that your coaches are up to date and familiar with the rules with a Rules for Coaches clinic. This clinic gives coaches, managers and players the opportunity to discuss rule information and interpretations with a qualified Softball Ontario umpire instructor.

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 Softball Ontario Coaches Symposium

The Coaches Committee organizes and operates a Softball Coaches Symposium. The Symposium has become a part of the committee's mandate to provide opportunities to enhance the knowledge of our coaches, in a relaxed atmosphere, that allows time for networking and socializing outside the bounds of a tournament weekend, or the structured environment of an NCCP clinic program. 


 International Coaches Symposium

This is hosted by Softball Canada.  For more information, please click here.



Coaches Association of Ontario Coaches Conference

This event is hosted by the Coaches Association of Ontario.  For more information, please click on the picture below:




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