Hosting a NCCP Clinic

Steps to Hosting a Clinic

For all clinics:
  • Decide which clinic(s) you wish to host.
  • Read the Host Responsibilities.
  • Complete the Clinic Bid Application Form noting the deposit required and the minimum and maximum number of participants on the Clinic Information chart below.
  • Send the completed Clinic Bid Application Form with the deposit (cheque or money order) to the Softball Ontario office at 85 Scarsdale Road, Toronto, ON, M3B 2R2
  • Complete Hosting Responsibilities will be forwarded to you after receipt of a Clinic bid and appropriate deposit.

Responsibilities of the Host

  • Obtain a double gymnasium with an adjacent classroom setting. Our past experience has proven that your clinic will only be as good as your facilities.
  • Please be sure that your facility is an appropriate size for the type of clinic you are hosting and the number of participants attending the clinic. Both Scorekeeping Clinics require a classroom only!
  • For any host wishing to run their Minor Development Clinic outdoors, please be sure to have a facility booked as backup just in case the weather is inappropriate to be outdoors.
Audio Visual
  • Have available an overhead projector and screen for use in the classroom for all clinics. Scorekeeping Clinics also require a VCR/DVD.
  • Have available a LDC projector and screen for use in the classroom for all clinics.
  • Promote the clinic within the local and surrounding areas via newspaper, TV, radio, posters, and pamphlets. Promotional flyers will be provided by Softball Ontario.
  • Payment by cheque or money order for the appropriate amount must be made payable to Softball Ontario. You should pre-register your participants to guarantee the minimum number. An on-site registration should then be set up at the clinic where the participants can pay their fee.
  • In order to help eliminate the possibilities of last minute cancellations, Softball Ontario would like to suggest that hosts request full payment or some sort of a deposit from registrants prior to the clinic date. By doing this you will decrease the number of no-shows at your clinic. It can also serve as a pre-registration to ensure that you have achieved the minimum number of participants required.
  • Please note, payment for all clinics must be in the Softball Ontario office at least two weeks prior to the date of your clinic. Softball Ontario reserves the right to cancel a clinic two weeks prior to the clinic date if less than the minimum number of participants are registered at that time, or if payment has not been received in the office.
Coaching Clinics
  • The host must supply at least one ball and a bat for every two participants, along with one set of bases and a home plate. Participants should be encouraged to bring their gloves, running shoes, paper and pen, and to dress appropriately. For Level I and II NCCP clinics, participants should be encouraged to bring a 3 ring binder (or similar) for the manual.

For Coaching Bid Form Click Here

For more information on hosting a Softball Ontario clinic and/or obtaining an application form to host a Softball Ontario Clinic please e-mail Softball Ontario at


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