Competition Introduction - Softball, Independent Study

Softball Coaches who are coaching the following age categories should attend this clinic:

U14 - Competitive and Representative 

U16 - Competitive and Representative

U19 - Competitive and Representative 

U21 - Competitive and Representative 

Intermediate - Competitive and Representive 

Senior - Competitive and Representive 

Masters - Competitive and Representive 

*this applies to teams playing in Provincials and Nationals 

Note: It is strongly recommended that the coach attend the Make Ethical Decision Module session at the Competition-Introduction Multi Sport workshop (usually Part A) or Softball Competition - Introduction Clinic (usually the What to Weekend #1 Clinic) before completing the On-Line test. The information and training obtained at the Make Ethical Decision Module training session is very specific and increase the coaches chance of being successful in passing.  If a softball coach does not take the Make Ethical Decisions training, there will be a chart to take the On-Line Test for $85.00 plus tax.  You will only have 2 changes to pass this evaluation.  If you don't pass after two tries, you wll then be required to attend the above metioned training.  If a softball Coach does take the training, there is no $85.00 plus tax and you get unlimited attempts to pass. 

For a Softball Coach to be “Certified” in this context they need to complete the following steps:
  1. The Coach contacts Softball Ontario to register for the Competition - Introduction On-Field Evaluation
  2. The Coach will complete the application form and submit appropriate payment to Softball Ontario for the evaluation($435.05).  Click Here for the application form. 
  3. Softball Ontario informs the coach about the requirements for evaluation for coaches who have not completed the training but wish to go directly to evaluation. They must:
    1. Complete the Coaching Association of Canada's Online Make Ethical Decision evaluation and successfully pass it

    2. Complete and submit the evaluation package to Softball Ontario which needs to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled on-field evaluation. The evaluation package consists of:

      • Coach Portfolio (Inlcuding: Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for their home park and a Practice Plan for two hours)

    3. Purchase relevant Softball's Technical Manual(s) and all the relevant Multi-Sport Module Coach Workbooks and Reference Material. The cost is $29.92 plus HST per manual.
  4. Softball Ontario will forward the evaluation package to the Evaluator for review (pre-interview)

  5. The Evaluator will inform Softball Ontario of the pre-interview outcome
    1. If the Evalutor confirms the coach is ready for evaluation, Softball Ontario will contact the coach and outline the OFE process and inform the coach of the requirements which are:
      1. The coach will complete a written practice plan that will be submitted to the Evalutor at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the evaluation.
        • The practice will be a minimum of 45 minutes in length
        • The coach will select at least one basic skill from the list provided and include at least one drill or activity to teach this basic skill in their practice.  Click HERE for the list
        • The coach will select at least one tactic from the list provided that uses the skill selected and include at least one drill or activity to teach this tactic in their practice. Click HERE for the list
        • The coach will complete and submit Part A of Regional Coach Observation Package that will be submitted to the Evaluator at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the evaluation. Click Here to view the Observation Package.
  6.  Softball Ontario will contact the coach and confrim the date, location and coach's assigned time fo their evaluation. 

  7. The coach completes the OFE including the Analyze Performance evaluation (which is watching video and pointing out how to redirect the softball athletes with their softball skills). The coach will run a practice that is supplied with 9 softball athletes (U14 and above)

  8. The NCCP Coach Developer conducts the evaluation by conducting a 20 minute welcome interview, by observing a 45 minutes practice, 15-30 minute skill analysis and 20 minute debrief. 

  9. The Evaluator provides the Coach a copy of On Field Evaluation form and a Competition-Introduction, Softball On Field Evaluation completion certificate, submits the evaluation report to Softball Ontario. The Evaluator keeps a copy for their records. 



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