Softball Ontario's Coaches Program 

Welcome to the Coaches Section of Softball Ontario

The Coaching Committee of Softball Ontario would like to take this opportunity to welcome you!

The Coaching Committee realized that as softball coach you are the front-line ambassadors of our sport. Your interaction with the players of all ages and in many cases with their parents, serves to influence these young persons' love for the game and their future participation. This is an awesome responsibility particularly in these times of declining registration, due to the vast variety of activities people have to occupy their leisure time. It is therefore important for you as a coach to be knowledgeable not only in the skills of the game itself but also in how to present and teach those skills while making the player's experience worthwhile and fun.

The pages of the revamped Softball Ontario web site have been designed with this in mind. It is hoped that you will take the time to browse through our numerous pages. The intent was to help you improve your coaching skills and knowledge, provide you with updates on the programs and services. We hope to inform you of clinics, symposiums, camps, and link you with other coaching service providers throughout the province and around the country.

The Coaching Committee hopes you will take advantage of our Coaches resource page that will allow you to make comments and ask questions of our committee; and if we don't know the answers we will find it out for you. From time to time, there maybe surveys conducted to help us find better ways to serve you in your quest to become a better coach. Please visit us often and take part in our surveys. If you are not registered with our member associations (PWSA, OASA, ORSA; SPO) please register online or register with your house league association so we can help make your experience as a softball coach a rewarding one.



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