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  • Creative Coaching by Jerry Lynch 
    • March Review by David Bourne, Past Softball Ontario Coaching Committee Chairperson
    • "Dr. Lynch is one of the best authorities on the psyche of the athlete. His innovative approach to the relationship between coach and player is profound, perceptive, and unparalleled in the world of athletics", Quin Snyder Head Basketball Coach, University of Missouri. I found this book to be very valuable if you are a coach of any sport or athlete. When you are looking for new ways or putting a new twist on proven methods of developing team cohesiveness, leadership and implementing mental tactics, Lynch's approaches teach us how to "unleash the prepared athlete". Creative Coaching, is a strategic handbook for addressing the challenges of coaching the modern athlete and maximizing their sport performance. Jerry Lynch's writing style and the use of many references to his personal experiences and those of fellow coaches of all sports make this book very entertaining as well as informative. This book is a must in my opinion, for the competitive coach and a good read for any coach or person interested in team building
  • "The Baseball Drill Book" Editor: Bob Bennet
    • November Review by Johanna Malisani, Team Member of the Hamilton Pontiacs 
    • Although the title indicates “baseball”, the majority of the drills provided in the book are readily adaptable to softball. The book is beautifully laid out for easy reference to key aspects of the game – from incorporating, performing and conducting drills to keep athlete’s interested, and most importantly challenged, to physical training, to the basic fundamentals, to the most strategic of game tactics – it covers it all in a progressive and easy to read manner. The drills themselves, over a 150 of them, ranging from the basic fundamentals to position specific to team tactics, are wonderfully laid out for easy incorporation into one’s own practices, as it outlines not only the set-up and procedure to run the drill – usually accompanied with a diagram or illustration – but also includes the focus and coaching points to emphasize. However, the greatest asset of the book is that it also includes modifications to the drills, so that coaches of all levels can apply the drills to their specific coaching context. A great book for all coaches – whether you are the beginner coach looking for some tried and true drills to the most experienced coach looking for new and innovative ways to challenge your players – this is the perfect reference book to add to your arsenal of knowledge and drills.
  • "The Skills and Drills Book" Editor: Judi Garman 
    • January 2013 Review by Joe Benedetti, Chairman, Softball Ontario Coaching Committee 
    • Garman grew up in Saskatchewan, played at the High Performance level, and coached at Cal State Fullerton. This 217 page softcover book, is excellent resource, with good pictures, and graphics. Well written and easy to follow


  • What is Mentoring?
    • Mentoring is defined as “To serve as a trusted counsellor or teacher to another person”.
  • How can I find a Mentor?
    • Softball Ontario is committed to see all coaches succeed and to find the resources they require in order to be competent successful coaches.  In order to find a mentor:
    • Check with your local association
    • Look around your community for other coaches
    • Contact Softball Ontario and we will strive to match you up with a coach in your area.
    • Softball Ontario also offers NCCP coaching courses.  Attending these courses will instruct you on the skills you need to guide and teach our athletes, along with providing you the opportunity to meet and network with other coaches.
    • Remember, a COACH is our most valuable resource both on and off the field.  They instruct our athletes on the skills of the game while providing advice, guidance and a positive role model for our athletes. 

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