Become a Softball Ontario NCCP Coach Developer

Softball Ontario is always looking for enthusiastic instructors to lead clinics for our Coaches program.

Most clinic are held on the weekends, so your availability for at least two weekends during the spring and summer is very important to us. Softball Ontario pays an honorarium plus meals and mileage to all Coach Develepers. You won't get rich but you will have a chance to meet interesting people, brush up on your knowledge and make an impact on the development of better softball in Ontario.

If you meet qualifications listed below and your interested in becoming of Softball Ontario's Team, contact the Softball Ontario office .

Coaching Instructors:

Must be NCCP fully certified one level above that which they will be instructing. Must have an excellent knowledge of the basic skills and techniques of the game of softball. Should possess very good fault identification ability. Must demonstrate good teaching methodology. Possess the ability to work with other instructors in presenting a clinic. Having the ability to instruct and communicate effectively with adults is essential.


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