Team Ontario

Team Ontario members will perform at their best, with dignity, humility and a feeling of pride and fair play; leading to the winning of the Canada Games Flag

Team Ontario Objectives 

  • That Team Ontario forms a cohesive and supportive team environment so that the athletes can perform to the best of their ability 
  • To fully support and participate in all Canada Games and Host Society events to assist in the promotion of the Canada Games
  • To instill a sense of Canadian unity among all members of Team Ontario 
  • That the members of Team Ontario exhibit exemplary behaviour, sportsmanship and tolerant attitudes toward their follow competitors, coaches, officials, volunteers and the citizens of host site
  • Members of the Team Ontario serve as ambassadors representing Ontario

Team Ontario includes the athletes, coaches and managers of the 20 participating sports and 20 mission staff. Collectively, Team Ontario comprises approximately 400 members.

Province of Ontario's Role in the Canada Games

Sport Alliance Ontario coordinates the administration of Team Ontario on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Sport Alliance selects the mission staff for Team Ontario and coordinates Team Ontario planning with Ontario’s Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs). Staff and volunteers from the sport and recreation community serve as Mission Staff for Team Ontario. Mission staff provide support to an assigned sport before, during and after the Canada Games.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Government of Ontario:

The Government of Ontario appoints the Chef de Mission and Mission Team members to administer Team Ontario by:

  • Establishing general policies and rules
  • Liaising with the Provincial Sport Organizations, the Host Society, the Canada Games Council and the members of the media
  • Issuing final approval of Team Ontario members based on eligibility criteria
  • Providing the ceremonial uniform for all team members

Team Ontario- Softball: Female and Male

Softball Ontario plays an important role in the development of Team Ontario and are responsible for:

  • Identifying, selecting and training Team Ontario athletes
  • Selecting coaching staff with Level 3 certification
  • Selecting a Team Manager
  • Ensuring athletes and coaching staff are in compliance with eligibility requirements
  • Providing competitive uniforms
  • Liaising with Mission Staff
  • Completing registration packages for competitors and coaching staff






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