U10 @ Play Events

Softball Ontario will partner with a local softball association across Ontario based on the recommendations from their Softball4Life Champions to host a U10@Play Event (1-day event). The U10@Play Event partnership includes:

  • Games- Each team plays 3 games using modified rules- 75 minutes per game
  • Softball Skills Zone- 3 Stations:  Hitting, Throwing and Running- Each Team went once for 75 minutes in between their games
  • Softball Fun Zone- some fun activities (team mascot) and other activities include balloon toss, relay race, sack race; completed during the lunch hour and at the end of the day a song competition
  • Participation Awards- provided to all participants- Distributed during a Closing Ceremony

Education Resources were developed to assist with the understanding of LTPD for U10 included:

Parents’ Guide 
  • Provides LTPD education information for the U10 softball player for a parent
  • Provides information on what a parent can do to help their U10 player beyond games and practices
  • Provides new Minor Rules and rationale for each rule
  • Provides information and where to access additional LTPD resources
Coaches Guide
  • Provides educational information on LTPD
  • Provides an overview of NCCP changes and LTPD alignment within Coaching
  • Provides new Minor Rules and rationale, Coaches perspective
  • Provides information and where to access additional LTPD resources

Implementation Resources were developed to assist with the delivery of the U10@Play Event

Softball Player Tracker Card (For Parents)
  • To focus more on skills of their U10 Player rather than the score of the game
Softball Player Tracker Card (For Player)
  • To track softball skills testing while in the Softball Skills Zone
Fielding Roster (for Coaches)
  • To make it easier to track positions of the players each inning
Batting Order (for Coaches) 
  • Trying the Shuffle and Shift
  • To ensure a new batter starts each inning
Host Guide 

To help the Host understand their roles and responsibilities including:

  • Volunteer Requirements
  • Equipment Requirements for the Softball Fun Zone and the Softball Skills Zone
  • Principles of the Tournament
  • Set minimum standards of a U10@Play event- example:  must have a softball fun zone, softball skill zone and approved U10 minor rules in effect
Softball Skills Manual
  • Outlined the softball skills to test, how to test them and what drills to complete for the mini-softball skills clinic

Feedback from these events is collected from all the softball stakeholders involved and recommendations and feedback are made to Softball Canada for their consideration.


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