Living to Win


  • Refine advanced softball skills and tactics/strategies.
  • Refine softball- and position-specific physical fitness and monitor through regular testing.
  • Refine softball- and position-specific mental skills.
  • Focus on maximizing performance at international competitions.

Guiding Principles

  • Cooperation between players, synchronization, and increased speed of execution of play is emphasized.
  • Player autonomy is refined.
  • Players specialize in one position, but develop the ability to play a second well.
  • Focus is on softball- and position-specific training.
  • Instruction and preparation are individualized in order to address each player’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

“Becoming a world class softball player takes commitment and sacrifice. Improving technical skills is very important but of equal importance is developing a high level of physical fitness, mental preparation and being a student of the game. Every day provides a new opportunity to learn and grow as a player. Success is a choice! Players in the Living to Win stage have made a choice to devote themselves fulltime to excelling on the international stage.”

  – Mark Smith, Senior Men’s National Team Head Coach

For a quick overview of the Living to Win stage of LTPD from the Softball Canada's Guide for Softball Parents, Click Living to Win 


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