Learn & Train to Win


  • Refine advanced softball skills and tactics/strategies.
  • Develop softball-specific and position-specific physical fitness.
  • Further develop softball-specific mental skills.
  • Focus on maximizing performance in competition.

Guiding Principles – Community Softball

  • Fun (socially motivated); balance between participation and competition
  • Player autonomy is developed.
  • Players play softball and 1 other sport and play 2 to 3 positions in softball.

Guiding Principles – Competitive Softball

  • Cooperation between players, synchronization, and increased speed of execution of plays is emphasized.
  • Player autonomy is refined.
  • Players specialize in softball and 1 position, but have the ability to play a second position well.
  • The focus on softball-specific and position-specific training and testing is increased.
  • Instruction and preparation are individualized in order to address each player’s individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses.


"To compete at the international level today, you must first have a passion for softball, but that needs to be combined with the commitment, dedication, and desire to improve both your physical and mental skills year round. The premier international softball players in today's game are physically fit, mentally prepared, and have a firm understanding of strategy and skill execution in addition to possessing the necessary sport-specific skills. Raw talent will only present someone with the opportunity and from there it is up to the individual to develop their game in the aforementioned areas if they want to be successful at the highest level."

  – Ryan Wolfe, Senior Men’s National Team Player

For a quick overview of the Learning & Training to win stage of LTPD from Softball Canada's Guide for Softball Parents, Click Learning & Training to Win 


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