Learn to Train

Objectives (Ages 8 to 10)

  • Develop fundamental movement skills in a fun and safe environment that promotes self-confidence while introducing fundamental softball skills.
  • Modified games reinforce fundamental movement skills learned in practice using pre-game warm-ups as additional skill development sessions.
  • Focus on fun, participation, and overall fundamental movement skill development.

Guiding Principles (Ages 8 to 10)

  • Fun, participation, and learning
  • All players with various skill levels play together.
  • A stimulating learning environment is organized, active, game-like, and includes a variety of activities.
  • An appropriate Achievement Award Program is in place.

Objectives (Ages 11 to 12)

  • Further develop fundamental softball skills and introduce simple softball tactics/strategies in training that will be used in modified games.
  • Introduce general physical fitness training and mental skills training.
  • Focus on fun, participation, and fundamental softball skill development.

Guiding Principles (Ages 11 to 12)

  • Fun, participation, and learning
  • Players are divided into teams based on skill levels if possible.
  • Player autonomy is introduced.
  • Players play 2 to 3 complementary sports and play 3 to 4 positions in softball.
  • The focus is on the process of individual and team development rather than on the competitive outcome.
  • Practices are well organized, varied, game-like, and active.
  • An appropriate Achievement Award Program is in place.


“The Learning to Train stage of development is critical as players pass through a significant window of trainability for sport-specific skill development. If this training opportunity is not optimized, it will compromise the ability of the player to reach his or her full potential in later years, regardless of future training programs.”

  – Charles Cardinal, Sport Canada LTAD Expert

For a quick overview of the Learning to Train stage of LTPD from Softball Canada's guide for Softball Parents, Click Learning to Train

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