• Develop fundamental movement skills such as locomotion skills, object manipulation skills, and body management skills in a fun and safe softball environment that promotes self-confidence.
  • Introduce fundamental softball skills when fundamental movement skills are mastered.
  • Use modified games to reinforce fundamental movement skills learned in practice. 
  • Use warm-ups as additional skill development sessions.
  • Focus on fun and participation.

Guiding Principles

  • Fun, participation, and learning
  • All players with various skill levels play together.
  • Fundamental movement skills are learned through the process of “play” with limited technical instruction.
  • Practice time provides repetitions through active “play” rather than just drills.
  • An appropriate Achievement Award Program is in place.


"In elementary and secondary school, I played a number of sports. As an athlete in general, playing other positions gives you more to work towards. There are different demands and disciplines for every sport. Participating in lots of activities helps to make you a better athlete and gives you a broader skill set." 

  – Robin Mackin, Senior Women’s National Team Player and 2008 Olympian

For a quick overview of the FUNdamentals stage of LTPD from Softball Canada's Guide for Softball Parents, Click FUNdamentals 



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