Active Start


Introduce and develop fundamental movement skills such as locomotion skills, object manipulation skills, and body management skills in a fun and safe softball environment that promotes self-confidence.

Guiding Principles

  • Fun, participation, and learning
  • All players with various skill levels play together.
  • Fundamental movement skills are learned through the process of “play” with limited technical instruction.

“The Active Start stage is a time to develop a child’s love of being physically active for a lifetime. This involves participating in unstructured play such as riding a bike around the neighhourhood or joining the neighbourhood kids for a game of hide’n’seek as well as structured play such as playing on a softball team. This love of physical activity will help to develop physical, mental, emotional, and social skills and lead to a healthy lifestyle. But at the core, this stage must teach children that being active is fun.”

  – Lise Jubinville, Softball Canada

For a quick overview of of the Active Start stage of LTPD from Softball Canada's Guide for Softball Parents, Click Active Start 





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