LTPD Information Sessions

Once a Softball4Life Champion has utilized the LTPD Assessment Tool on a local softball association to determine their status with alignment of LTPD, one of the recommendations would be to a host one of the two LTPD education opportunities:

 Learn2Play Workshop – a 3 hour Workshop developed to help local softball associations to understand the Learn2Play Program/Long Term Player Development and how easy it is to implement in their local softball association.

The following resource materials provide or this FREE Learn2Play Workshop include:

  • Learn2Play Manual focusing on Level 2
  • U10@Play Fielding Roster
  • U10@Play Batting Orders
  • U10@Play Tracker Card (For Parents)
  • U10@Play Parent’s Guides
  • U10@Play Coaches Guides


NCCP Learn2Coach Clinic- a 6 hour Coaching Clinic designed for the community softball coach who is working with youth by introducing the basic skills of softball.  The focus for this Coaches clinic includes:

 Developing a Coaching Philosophy

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Understanding Minor Rules of Softball and Softball Equipment
  • Teaching FUNdamentals skills of movement and Softball
  • Modifying a pre-designed practice

      Softball4Life local softball associations will be given a changed to attend (1) of the LTPD information sessions listed above to provide tutoring on LTPD/Learn2Play program and the importance of this new philosophy in Canadian sport.  Dates and locations of these information sessions will be determined after the Softball4Life assessment is completed.


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