Long Term Player Development Assessment Tool

 “Local Softball Associations must constantly seek ways to improve as they implement Softball4Life (Kaizen’s Theory)”

– Steph Sutton, Softball Ontario Technical Program Coordinator

Softball Ontario’s Long Term Player Development Competition Review Committee developed a tool to help determine what the baseline status of local softball associations across Ontario and where they are in the stages alignment of Softball Long Term Player Development Plan.

A Softball4Life Champion will be contacting local softball associations within their region to conduct a Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis which will aid in the advancing of a local softball association advancing themselves to be an “Softball4Life” association.   The SWOT analysis will result in the development of a plan specific to local softball association.  While each plan will be unique, the end result will be the same:  Full alignment with LTPD.

The LTPD Assessment Tool has a number of statements that have been categorized into sections.  These statements will assist the Softball4Life Champion in determining the gauge of a local softball association and to become familiar with its structure and programming.  Also, the SWOT analysis will act as a monitor for a local softball association grow in becoming a Softball4Life (LTPD aligned) softball association.

With the use of the Tool, it is recommended to avoid comparing your local softball association to the growth against others.  Each local softball association is unique and difference, hence the steps taken towards alignment and the rate of progress will be individualized.  It is great if a local softball association engages fellow local softball associations but try to avoid them as being good or bad.  It is important to understand that the response to each of the questions outline in the tool insight into the state of your local softball association and will help identify priority actions for the Softball4Life Champion and provide guidance as to where to start and how to advance a local softball association towards alignment.

The statements in the LTPD Assessment Tool are designed for the broad softball community. It is recommended that local softball associations use these statements to review and examine their own association.  The list of statements is comprehensive but not exhaustive.  A Softball4Life Champion may add other statements to reflect the uniqueness of the local softball association there are working with.

Here is an outline of the scoring for each SWOT analysis:


Stage   Descriptor
Unable to Answer at this Time UA We're being honest; haven't even started to think about it yet- this needs to go into our work plan
First Steps F We're examing what we might do but do not have a course of action
Exploring E We know changes have to be made, but we don't have the resource plan at this time
Transforming T We have a strong resources, have many partners involved and have began to make change
Championing C We have made strong progress.  We continue to re-evaluate and determine how we can improve.  We have been highlighted as a positive example to other local softball associations.

Here is a copy of the Long Term Player Development Assessment Tool:  

LTPD Assessment Tool




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