Why Sign Up for the CANpitch 6-week Training Program?

Pivotal to the CANpitch Program is a revolutionary team of Master and Regional Pitching Instructors. Instructors include former and current elite level pitchers, as well as youth softball coaching experts. Once appointed, every instructor received ongoing training to become experts in every aspect of working with pitchers.

The instructors deliver leading-edge technical pitching instruction through group lesson using a 6-week curriculum created by a team of pitching experts with a focus on meeting children’s learning and individual needs, whatever their ability level. This means the CANpitch program is truly athlete-centred, inclusive, and most importantly, fun.

The participant to instructor ratio in Ontario is currently 6:1 per session hour to ensure each pitcher receives individual attention. Pitchers progress at their own rate through the curriculum at weekly group lessons and by practicing on their own.  Instructors use various teaching aids and activities that create a fun learning environment.

The benefits of a nationally standardized pitching program like CANpitch are:

  • More athletes will be exposed to the pitching position and develop fundamentally sound mechanics which will increase the competitive level in Canada
  • All participants across Canada will have the same opportunity to learn how to pitch from pitching experts 
  • CANpitch Instructors are part of a national network of pitching coaches that participate in yearly professional development sessions which fosters a sense of community and the sharing of best practices ensuring the program evolves and improves over time



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