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Books and Manuals 

Rulebook 2019/2020 - $14.67

The official rules of softball in Canada for fast pitch, slo-pitch and orthodox for 2019 and 2020 softball season. Also includes Softball Canada’s By-Laws and Operating Rules.  


Level I Coaching Manual - $35.32

Along with teaching information and illustrations on all the basic skills, this workbook includes information on the role and responsibilities of the coach, game strategy and practice planning.

Level II Coaching Manual - $35.32

This manual provides more in-depth information on the skills of batting, throwing, and baserunning, with a look at specific positional responsibilities in all defensive situations. A highlight of this manual is the special emphasis on pitcher development.

Level III Coaching Manual - $41.66

This manual is designed to be a companion to the Level III Technical Clinic. Contained in this manual are such items as: scouting, game plans, signalling, player substitution and mental preparation to help assist the elite coach in their coaching endeavors


Videos, CD’s and DVD’s

CANpitch Program DVD - $24.09


Softball Canada’s CANpitch Program DVD is a supplement to the recent launch of Softball Canada’s national pitching program, CANpitch, which has put into practice a standardized training program for pitchers, ideally aged 6-12 across Ontario. This program aims to teach fundamental pitching skills while reinforcing proper mechanics through the use of key drills and progressions and is open to all athletes wishing to learn or improve their pitching skills.

The DVD was created to correspond with Softball Canada’s certified CANpitch Master and Regional Pitching Instructors’ weekly lesson plans, ensuring that drills are introduced and performed correctly. The DVD outlines for coaches and parents the CANpitch Program philosophy, describing in detail the program’s important elements, such as the backward chaining method. The backward chaining method was chosen by a group of National Team Coaches, former pitchers, and other pitching experts for this program in order to reinforce the body mechanics and sensations at each phase of the pitching motion. By starting at the release and working backward, CANpitch participants will develop body awareness, understanding what their legs, hips, arms and wrists are doing at each phase in the delivery of a pitch instills a sense of body and control in young pitchers. 


Learn To Play CD-ROM - $19.49

A resource for coaches. This is a three (3) CD set containing one (1) CD for each level of the Learn to Play Program.

An interface that allows the coach to select from various tools to assist in understanding and running the Parmalat Learn To Play Program that includes: 18 Lesson Plans for each level of the program with warm-up activities, skill development activities and lead up games, etc.




U12 Coaches Guide (Learning To Train Stage) – Price: $36.21

U14 Coaches Guide (Training To Train Stage) – Price: $36.21  

U16 Coaches Guide (Training to Train Stage) - Price $36.21

Softball Canada created the Coaches Guide series to increase the knowledge of coaches and improve the development of players. The information in each guide is based on Softball Canada’s Long?Term Player Development (LTPD) model ensuring it is both age and stage appropriate. 

Each guide contains a season’s worth of practice plans divided into 4 training phases with each phase having its own objectives and outcomes and will assist softball coaches with the critical skill of developing and conducting sequential, well organized practices. The practice plans are laid out in a manner that is very easy to follow and to work with. Each drill is described in detail including a list of equipment that is required and a time limit to ensure that the practice is kept on track. The coach can use the information in the Key Teaching Points section of the guide to ensure the players are not simply doing the drills but are instead “learning the skills and game”. Each drill also contains a clearly illustrated diagram to allow for easy understanding of the drills. Beyond these valuable practice plans, these guides contain sections on practice planning, dynamic warm?up routines, cool?down routines, and key teaching points for each skill. This fantastic new resource means that age?appropriate practices and information are now at the fingertips of every softball coach in Canada. 

If you are a beginner coach, you can simply follow the practice plans as they are laid out and rest assured your players and team will improve the skills prioritized for their age category and LTPD stage over the course of the season. If you are an experienced coach, you can use these practice plans as a guideline and modify them to meet the individual needs of your players and team. 

Each guide is contained in a binder which allows the coach to remove the appropriate practice plan from the binder and take it with them to the field.

Timbits Softball Manual - $18.11

Inside the Timbits Softball Manual you will find:

- Prepared lesson plans
- Easy to follow instructions
- Progressions for teaching basic skills
- Lead up games designed to simulate the real game of softball

Timbits Softball allows coaches and children to explore the wonderful sport of Softball. Participants will go home happy and will look forward to the next Timbits Softball session.



  "Sportfolio” available to ALL coaches! The “Sportfolio” is a padded portfolio that features the FUN Play Softball logo as well as the “Play Softball” website information on the front. Additionally, on the inside of the Sportfolio you will find a softball diamond dry-erase board featuring all Softball Ontario’s program information and lastly it has a full note pad to write on.  This is a GREAT resource tool for coaches to use at a practice or during a game where you can post up your line-up or make any notes.



21" Home Plates - $25.00

The 21-inch Home Plate automatically widens the strike zone for the U10 players up to bat, the Defence Team’s Pitcher and the Plate Umpire. By using this size plate, batting players are encouraged to swing at more pitches and will increase their chances of making contact with the ball and getting on base.

For the Defensive Team’s Pitcher, it allows for pitches that maybe on the inside or outside corner to be called a strike. The use of the 21-inch home plate increases the confidence of a pitcher who is just starting out and encourages them of their successes.

Throwdown Base Set - $25.00

  • PERFECT FOR KIDS: Ideal for younger players who are learning the game of baseball, the Champion Sports Throw Down Base Set provides optimum performance for gym classes and little league competition
  • HEAVY DUTY: Our gear is built to handle repeated use through practices, training, and games, as well as inclement weather, rain, and muddy conditions; resists wear from cleats and spiked footwear
  • PRACTICE: This orange throw down rubber base set includes one home, first, second, third plate and one pitcher’s strip so that players are training and preparing the right way for official games
  • NO SPIKES: You don’t need spikes or anchors; simply arrange your plates around the field and they’re ready to go pitch after pitch, strike after strike, game after game
  • MULTI USE: The quality and long wearing durability make this base set a must have diamond staple for youth baseball and softball recreational leagues, schools, parks, and baseball complexes everywhere



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