Softball Ontario’s Long Term Player Development Technical Committee

The Softball Ontario’s Softball Performance Centres are administered by Softball Ontario’s Long Term Player Development Technical Committee and consists of the following members:

Todd Bannister of Townsend, ON - PWSA Committee Representative

Pat Sparling of Stevensville, ON - PWSA Committee Representative

Dave Northern of Pickering, ON - OASA Committee Representative

Gary Baker of Kitchener, ON - OASA Committee Representative

Jim Clark of Highgate, ON - ORSA Representative

John Arris of Burlington, ON- SPOA Representative

Softball Ontario LTPD Technical Committee’s mandate is to review all softball player development clinics to ensure that Softball has a training program for each stage/level; that each training program is age appropriate, that the training path is clear and is available to all softball members. 

The Committee is charged with reviewing and evaluating all LTPD materials, including not limited to: Softball Canada’s LTPD Guide, Softball Canada’s Coaches Guides and Softball Canada’s Skills Matrix. This Committee will share best practices on LTPD alignment. 


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