CANpitch Committee

The Softball Ontario CANpitch Committee is comprised of seven members and a chairman. They meet twice a year (January and September) and report to the Softball Ontario Board of Directors. At these meetings, the Committee discusses the implementation and delivery of the CANpitch Program for our Ontario participants at the grassroots level and addresses the needs/concerns voiced by the wind-mill pitching community.

The CANpitch Committee is also responsible for recruiting and training Regional Pitching Instructors to become the lead Instructor in delivering the CANpitch Program to our grassroots participants throughout Ontario.

Every year the CANpitch Committee organizes and delivers 6-week training sessions to communities throughout Ontario, reaching out to the grassroots level participants who have little to no pitching experience.

The CANpitch Committee is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers who give their time and efforts to encouraging children to learn the basic fundamentals of windmill pitching!

  Don McConnell
OASA  Jamie Simpson
ORSA Andy Triest
PWSA  Len Vassos
MPI  Todd Winkworth
MPI Erin Mills 
MPI Scott Thompson
MPI Elissa Sivel
  Steph Sutton 



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