History of Softball Ontario

The PWSA, OASA and ORSA were happy in their roles in Softball in Ontario and would probably have continued in their separate roles if it were not for the Province of Ontario having some problems in dealing with three (3) separate associations for one sport. The Province asked the three Associations to meet for the purpose of forming one body for softball in Ontario. And since the government provided all three (3) associations with the funding they needed to foster and promote their sport, the three associations agreed to comply with the Ministry's request and hold these meetings. In 1971, Softball Ontario was formed. Each of the three association appointed delegates to Softball Ontario's Board of Directors to make up the new organization, Softball Ontario.

Softball Ontario became the sport governing body for softball in Ontario. Softball Ontario's role was to act as the developmental arm of softball, while the three associations were responsible for the operational aspect of the sport through regional or zone and provincial championships. Softball Ontario affiliates no teams or players, they affiliate the umpires.

Slo-Pitch Ontario joined Softball Ontario as the fourth Member Association in 1992.


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