2019 Umpire Clinic Bid Application

Junior Clinic - 5 Hours

It is designed to provide novice umpires with a basic introduction to umpiring.  This clinic is ideal for Minor Softball Associations who want to train umpires for their minor divisions.  Open to individuals 12-16 years of age at the time of the clinic.

Deposit: $56.50 (b) Minimum #: 15 participants Participant Fee: $45.00 (b)


Intermediate Clinic - 7 Hours

It is designed to develop young officials to umpire house league games.  Intermediate officials also have the opportunity to "Stair-Step" to become a Softball Ontario "carded" official.  Open to individuals 15-18 years of age at the time of the clinic, or anyone under 15 years of age who has taken a Junior clinic.

Deposit: $56.50 (b) Minimum #: 15 participants Participant Fee: $55.00 (b)


Combined Junior and Intermediate Clinic - 7 Hours

This clinic is a combination of Junior and Intermediate clinics.  Please refer to their clinic descriptions for more details.

Deposit: $56.50(b) Minimum #: 15 participants Junior Fee: $45.00(b) Intermediate Fee: $55.00 (b)


Refresher Clinic - 4 Hours

This clinic is best suited for advanced umpires who are in the process of completing their certification levels or those who need to be "refreshed" on rules and mechanics.  There is no age restriction on this clinic.

Deposit: $113.00 (b) Cost Per Clinic (Flat Fee for 20 participants): $565.00 [$11.30 Per Participant Above 20 participants] (b)


Level 1 Clinic - 8 Hours

The Level 1 Umpire Clinic is ideal for umpires to get a better understanding of proper mechanics and rules.

Deposit: $113.00 (b) Minimum #: 10 participants Member Fee: $67.80 (b) Non-Member Fee: $101.70 (b)


Level 2 Clinic - 8 Hours (Offered as either Fast Pitch or Slo-Pitch) (MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE)

This clinic is phase II of umpire certification.  Umpires wishing to advance and start to officiate at provincial championships are required to attend this clinic.

Deposit: $113.00 (b) Minimum #: 10 participants Member Fee: $73.45 (b) Non-Member Fee: $107.35 (b)


*(b) Includes HST                                               

Eligibility to Host a Clinic

  • To be eligible to host a Softball Ontario Umpire Clinic in 2019 a Local Softball Association/League must have paid Softball Ontario's Association/League Services Fee.  Please refer to the Association/League Services Fee application for more details.
  • More information and the Association/League Services Fee application can be obtained from Softball Ontario at: memberservices@softballontario.ca

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Deposit Information

Item Qty Unit Price
JD/INT Deposit $50.00
Level 1 Deposit $100.00
Refresher Deposit $100.00
JD Deposit $50.00
Intermediate Deposit $50.00
Intermediate Deposit $50.00
Level 2 Deposit $100.00
TOTAL: $0.00 $

Clinic Policy

(a) If a clinic is cancelled a $50.00 non-refundable administrative fee will apply.

(b) All clinic fees include HST.

(c) Clinic host must report the number of clinic participants two weeks in advance of the clinic date to the Softball Ontario office.  Softball Ontario will assign instructors based on the number of participants given.

(d) To be eligible to receive the member clinic participant fee discount, an umpire must have been registered with Softball Ontario in 2017 and/or 2018 softball season and provide proof to the clinic host by showing their Softball Ontario Umpire Card or Softball Ontario Certificate of Insurance.  Non-Members will receive a $35.00 off umpire registration coupon at the clinic.

(e) Level 1 and Level 2 umpire clinics - If a clinic host has less than 10 participants, they are required to pay for 10 participants.  Softball Ontario umpire instructors will not be allowed to waive their fees nor will the additional manuals be taken off the clinic invoice.  Exception: Umpire clinic that are offered in FP Zone 11 and SP Zone 9 or any clinic approved by the FP/SP umpire committees are excluded from this policy.


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