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Item Qty Unit Price
Throwdown Bases $15.00
CANpitch Program DVD $22.94
U12 Softball Canada Coaches Guide $36.21
U14 Softball Canada Coaches Guide $36.21
U16 Softball Canada Coaches Guide $36.21
Level I Coaching Manual $35.32
Level II Coaching Manual $35.32
Level III Coaching Manual $41.66
Timbits Softball Manual $18.11
Learn to Play CD-Rom $17.25
Sportfolio $22.94
21-inch Home Plate $25.00
2019-2020 Softball Canada Rulebook $14.67

Item Qty Unit Price
SHIPPING [$0-$50] $15.00
SHIPPING [$51-$100] $20.00
SHIPPING [+$100] $25.00
TOTAL: $0.00 $


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