Softball 4 Life - LTPD

Softball Ontario is committed to Long Term Player Development and its principles. LTPD enables athletes to experience training and competition programs that consider their biological and training ages and prepare them for a life in sport.

The sport of Softball is a game for a lifetime, played by one and all from the ages of 5 to 95.  Many Canadians are playing softball as member of Softball Canada and there are millions of other players who are potential members.  Softball has a place for everyone who wants to play.  Each of the different disciplines of the game- Slo-Pitch, Fast Pitch, Orthdorx and provides a different style and differnet playing levels, be it community or competitive softball.  In addition, the game can be played separtely by both genders or in co-ed verisions.

Softball is also an inclusive sport that offers programs for players with an intellectual disablity through Special Olympics Canada and for players with physical disablity through wheelchair softball and deaf softball.  

Canada has enjoyed tremendous international experience with recent Gold Medal performance at the 2015 Pan Amercian Games, due to Softball's large participant base, popularity, versatility and international sucess are huge strengths.

LTPD provides the framework to address the issues that the sport faces and ensures that Softball continues to grow.  LTPD principles will help build the athletic ablity of softball players by developing a foundation of fundamental movement skills and introducing fitness and softball skills at the appropriate biological and chronological age.  

If we want to encourage our children to particpate in sport and lifelong physical activity, as well as create the potential to compete internationally, we need to build softball programs around LTPD principles that respect the developmental needs of children.  The LTPD Guide is progressive pathway of development that recognizes the distinct stages of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development of young players.  It addresses the needs of those who are able-bodied and those have a disablity and it also addresses both early and late developers.




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